Hopemakers website is a nominee for Awwwards

Good Design Heaps News! After months of hard work, we did it! Hopemakers is a nominee for Awwwards,  a prize for creativity and usability Awwwards is a prize that aim is the recognition of creativity, usability, and...
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15 key tips for using visual content

visual content

The Internet offers us the benefit of sharing our passions without leaving the comfort of our houses. This is a super advantage when it comes to using visual content. Visual content improves SEO?   The concrete...
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Why your website needs to be responsive?


It is a concept that goes beyond just being a responsive site. It is increasingly easy use and user experience, fulfilling certain factors set by Google and that will directly affect the results of searches. From now on,...
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It’s time your website be Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly

It’s time your website be Mobile Friendly. Google's decision to evaluate websites tailored to mobile searches from these environments has led many companies begun to review their corporate websites to see if they really...
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Be Mobile Friendly: Why is so Important?

Website Responsive

If your website wants to attract traffic, customers or followers, pay attention to this post, because the key to increasing followers is to turn your website into Responsive. The user experience is the best way to convert a...
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10 Tools To Position Your Brand On The Media

Social Media

Social Networks have become the best tool for position the marketing of the companies. It’s important to keep them actives so they can excel on the web and generate positive and profitable reaction on the current and...
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4 Tips To Increase Twitter Followers

twitter followers

Social networks have become the most efficient way to increase followers and fans of your brand and the interaction between users is growing increasingly. People have less time and the internet has become the best partner to...
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Did you know how important the UX Design is?

UX design

The UX Design is interface design created to verify the functionality of a product among users. This interface design studies human-computer interaction to facilitate the search for content. The managers for generating these...
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Toptal Visual Design Designers


During the past 6 years, I have been using different sites that help to designers find job opportunities as a freelancer and expose their graphic work style. So far these portals had worked quite well allowing me to gain...
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