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WooCommerce 3.2 adds coupons and improves the management of extensions

In the official blog of WooCommerce, the developers of this plugin for WordPress have revealed information, during this month of October of 2017, about updates that had been requested by the users of this digital marketing system.

Among the elements that have been added to the recent 3.2 version of WooCommerce is the application of coupons in product orders. Now this option is available and allows you to do automatic calculations if you use a discount coupon in an order.

Another interesting update has been the incorporation of alerts in the WooCommerce administration table to draw attention to extensions that have not been tested with the latest update. Once the user identifies these alerts, he can search for the most recent version of the extension and run compatibility tests. “Our hope is that this will improve general compatibility and incentivise plugin authors to keep things up to date with new releases,” says the official WooCommerce blog.

This 3.2 version ¬†of WooCommerce also incorporated a new filter in the table of extensions that allows you to easily identify those that are active on the web. On the other hand, once the user’s website is connected to the WooCommerce.com account, notifications will be made to inform about any updates available for extensions.

In constant growth

WooCommerce, an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress, was launched in September of 2011 and, since then, its popularity has grown around the world to become one of the most used e-commerce systems for its simplicity and efficiency when managing product data.

Since its creation, WooCommerce has exceeded 32 million downloads and today it has positioned itself as the most important e-commerce platform on the Internet. Its success has been such that nowdays 28% of virtual stores use this system.

Start your business with WooCommerce

Working with WooCommerce can be an ideal option for you if you are looking to develop a virtual store. One of the possibilities is to work with Storefront theme, a web page model that allows you to edit with flexibility and efficiency the information you want to include in it. The guarantee offered by this system is that it is maintained by the WooCommerce developer team, so it will always have good compatibility with all the extensions and updates of this plugin.

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