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What you should know about the UX design

If you don’t have training in web design and, in general, computer software, you probably have not heard or read about UX design, however, if you are an entrepreneur or intend to promote products and services with a virtual store, it is essential that you know the branch of software creation that is focused on improving navigation, access and interaction between a website or a program and its user.

This discipline is known as UX design (user experience design), and it is specifically the branch of software design, also applied to the creation of websites, which is responsible for planning, researching and developing the way the user or visitor can interact with the program. It is governed, mainly, by the principle of offering users a simple and pleasant experience.

Elements of UX design

The design of user experiences in the world of websites always incorporates some elements that we will explore below. Among them we find:

Visual design: It is the combination of all elements of shapes, colors, lines and their arrangement in the space that the user will experience. Always the designer is trying tosend a message to the user that is clear and pleasant.

Availability of information: One of the central points of the UX design is to provide people with a natural route to search and find information on the website. If a person can’t do it without the need for another to assist, something has failed in the design.

Interactions: What can you do when you enter website? Click, drag elements, explore menus, use search engines and activate audios and videos? Surely there are many more actions that you can perform. Well, UX designers have to consider how to implement each of these possible interactions so that they are consistent throughout the program, that they are intuitive and that they satisfy the needs of all types of users

Accessibility: Do you think the design of the websites is arbitrary? Not at all. The reality is that when a professional team is focused on UX design, they perform constant tests to adapt their proposals to the tastes and capabilities of their audience

Recent trends in UX design

It is clear that when we talk about design and the tastes of audiences, everything is constantly changing. Nowadays, the fact that most people use the internet on their mobile devices has modified how design teams face the challenges of creating websites.

What are the designers doing now? Here are some of the ideas that are common today: time saving, designs that are simple and quickly offer the necessary information; personalization of informative offer according to the tastes and needs of the user; specific functionalities, so the designers remove those that are superficial or unnecessary and keep only those that are essential to the experience; interactions by voice commands, etcetera.