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Ten web design trends that will mark 2018

For no one is a secret that nowadays trade, politics, the entertainment industry, among other sectors, rely on web pages and social network to inform about their products and services and also interact dynamically with their customers and consumers. Thinking about communications is thinking about the Internet, as simple as that.

But what about the trends in web design that will mark the next year and beyond? We explore this situation in the present post.

1) Web design based on mobile devices such as phones and tablets

This is not a novelty but it is a trend that is consolidated: most web designs will be based on the characteristics of navigation of phones and other mobile devices. Website designers now focus on how to create more efficient and impactful content in smaller spaces.

2) Professional photography

The Internet is the realm of the images and videos. The owners of companies recognize that. Internet users value the use of high-quality images, which have striking designs and are coherent with the brand of the company. Web design teams must necessarily think about hiring professional photographers and stop using images that they find for free through the internet.

3) Buttons in the bottom

Do you know some cell phone apps where the interactions don’t occur at the top but at the bottom of the screen? Sure you do. This is strongly influencing the design of websites. Now the programmers and creators are not limited to the traditional design that always placed the menu at the top.

4) Voice interaction

Already some of the most popular social networks like YouTube include this option in its mobile version. Will this become important in the design of websites? Yes, definitely. Although this type of search system is still limited, we should remember that most people browse internet on their mobile devices and this facilitates the use of engines that include voice interactions. Systems like Siri and Cortana, for example, show us that many people are interested in “talking” with their computers!

5) Progressive web apps

How many applications do you have on your phone? We imagine that more than a few. Most internet users are constantly downloading new applications that are released to market. What is important about this? Some companies are changing their focus: instead of having traditional websites, they have sites that include features of an application: instant upload, attractive and easy to use. This is what they call progressive we apps. Now, a lot of changes in web design will be done by the integration of traditional websites with plugins that can generate new functions similar to the ones of modern apps.

6) Virtual reality

We already see it constantly on social networks: 360 videos, interactive cameras in virtual spaces, and so on. Now most websites have videos to introduce their products and services, to give news and to expand the information they offer to the public. What’s next? Virtual reality, of course.

7) Beautiful typography

The identity of brands is constructed in many ways, including by the selection of typography of their texts. It is usual that in the presentations of products and services on websites, designers integrate letters of different sizes and colors, but what is also emerging is that some companies generate their own typographic style that distinguishes them from the others.

8) Subtle animations

Do you remember when a few years ago many websites had large flash animations, which sometimes took a long time to load and made it difficult to read the content on the website? This is over. What is used now? Small animations, subtle touches that give identity to the website but that facilitate the user’s navigation.

9) Smart Bots

Smart bots used in web design is not necessarily something new but its use surely is expanding. What can they be used for? It is easy to imagine a question and answer section that uses a bot to develop conversations with visitors. This type of virtual assistant can save resources to a company and resolve the doubts of any client.

10) Data visualization

Many managers before may not have cared to know the behavior of their visitors on websites, however, today almost everyone wants to receive statistics on visits, reading time, clicks and other interactions. Necessarily, any web design in the future must incorporate a system that allows its administrators to know various data of the people who visit the website.