Be Mobile Friendly: Why is so Important?

Website Responsive

If your website wants to attract traffic, customers or followers, pay attention to this post, because the key to increasing followers is to turn your website into Responsive.
The user experience is the best way to convert a website from the google search first, who has recently changed its search system and give more importance to those who are mobile friendly. If you think about it, this is a winning issue for companies, because they facilitate its users and reduces give updates periodically made to these websites.
Today it is still very easy to find websites that are not adapted to mobile. In their vast majority, the main reason is that these sites were designed before they disembarked in our lives pages with responsive web design. In other cases, they simply hired a designer or a company that obviated this section, either by ignorance itself, because the customer or the company that commissioned the work did not want to be conformable or an endless list of reasons that do not make sense. They have no logic because nearly half of Internet access are conducted through mobile or tablets. We are not talking about a small percentage, we are talking about if your page is not responsive web design and is not adapted to a mobile lose potential users, subscribers or customers.
Then set a number of points to keep in mind, especially if you do not have a responsive web.
53 Million Mobile Phone Lines

In December 2014 in Spain, the figure of 53 million mobile phone lines was exceeded. If you do the sums and subtractions you will notice that in our country there are more lines and more mobile phones than inhabitants. In Spain there are 47.2 million people, so despite mobile devices and websites with responsive web design does not seem a good idea.
Spain, the third European country where it is bought via mobile
If gentlemen, we are on the podium European sales through mobile. 40% of users who access the Internet in Spain shopping via mobile phone. It is clear then that there is no fear on the part of users shopping of any kind through and through less mobile. Moreover, 87% of Internet users in Spain, using the smartphone with an Internet connection.

50% of users between 18 and 30 years make searches via mobile every day
It is a very important figure that should not be neglected. There is much care for the SEO of your page, but when you appear in the results your website is not suited to the mobile device, we have a serious problem. 40% of users unmade a page if it is not responsive web design and search another result in the search.
More tablets than PCs will be sold in 2015
This figure is also very indicative. Users prefer to be comfortable and access the Internet from anywhere. The PCs will be relegated to work or carry more complex tasks. Users prefer to sit on your couch and browse through your tablet or even have breakfast reading the press on the mobile. It is a reality. If your website is responsive web design you do not have anything to worry about in this regard. Now if your site is not suitable?
75% of users ensure repeat visits if the page is responsive web design
Another fact that should not be underestimated. As we have repeated above, mobile users like to care for them. They like to think that companies that make them and user experiences are the best.
These data are all real and can be found by searching a bit online. What is clear with them is that if you have a business, a personal blog or an online store are bound to that it has a responsive web design. You must think of your users or customers and provide clear access to information of your company or your services or products. This always affects about you or your company positively.