Web Hosting: Today we recommend you 5 suppliers

Web Hosting

There are many aspects to consider before choosing the perfect web hosting. Let’s consider them here and choose from these 5 providers.

Why do I need to know what a web hosting is?

Today we publish this post because many of our customers have asked us about a good hosting company, and here is the answer. But before it is important to know:

  • what a web hosting is,
  • what it serves,
  • the types of web hosting,
  • and what services they offer.


What is a web hosting?

It is a service where a provider rents a server – which is connected to the Internet – to companies to host any type of files, systems, emails, videos, and so on. In other words, you pay for a space on the Internet. Before hiring the services of a web hosting, it is important to know what services we need. That is why we explain below.

What is a domain?

A domain is a name associated with an Internet Protocol (IP) address that is the connection number of a computer connected to the Internet.

For example, I have a website with the following IP address ( It is a very long and complex number to give to my clients, and to connect to my website. This is when the use of a domain comes on the scene.

I put the name of my company dhweb.com, and this name will be associated with the IP number. When my clients write on their computers the name of my page, the domain sends them to my IP, and this connects them to the web server that responds by sending them my website. All this operation in a few seconds.

A domain takes the name of the company or organization plus the type of organization: com (commercial), net (network) or org (organizations). What is the importance of the domain? Without the domain system, web surfers would have to access each web service using the IP address. This action would reduce the number of possible webs since currently, it is common the same IP address is shared by several domains.

What other aspect is important to the owners of websites?

It is important to evaluate the options when hiring a domain:

  1. There are domains that form part of the hosting package, which guarantees the advantage that everything is in the same site.
  2. Or, hire a domain with a different provider. The advantages of this type of contract are: cheaper and more possibilities and user interfaces.

Knowing your needs is priceless

It is important when hiring a hosting service to know if the site we develop is dynamic (discussion forums, WordPress blogs, online stores) or if it is static (HTML pages with a fixed content).

Dynamic websites are made in PHP and use databases to store dynamic information, so their execution makes them much more demanding for the server. So if you hire the services of a web server for static pages it can collapse when trying to run an application like WordPress.

You may pay less money, but for something you do not need.

Another tip: Linux or Windows?

It is important to know which operating system matches with the server you have chosen. The advantage you have is that many hosting services give you the 2 options: Linux or Windows.

But actually which one to choose? Here we tell you, if you are installing web applications using PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL databases like WordPress or Joomla, Linux is the answer. While if you choose Windows, it is because you will install applications based on Microsoft technology such as ASP.NET and SQL Server databases.

What types of web hosting are there?

  • Shared hosting: it is about sharing a server among several users that can be hundreds, thousands or millions. The advantage of this type of server is that costs become cheaper as there are more users per server. Its disadvantage is that being multiple users using the same server can present performance problems or a user’s failures may affect others.
  • VPS. This type of server is recommended for web design and programming companies, as the provider assigns an unshared virtual computer from which multiple domains can be managed.
  • Cloud hosting is a virtualized way of storing data. The company providing the cloud services have servers in different computer networks, and is accessed through the web service, the application programming interface (API) or through the user interface (web interface).

Users buy, rent or contract blocks of space in the cloud: 5 GB, 10 GB, 100 GB … One of the most important advantages of cloud hosting is that the service provider is responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance. While one of the disadvantages is security. Data access is in the hands of suppliers and users, therefore, it is important to take care of the use of passwords, changes generated and their disclosure.

  • Dedicated can be understood as the counterpart of a shared hosting. The user purchases or leases a computer that is used to host web content and other network services. The dedicated server hosts only one client that has all the resources of the machine. Generally, preventive and corrective maintenance is the responsibility of the supplier. Its main disadvantage is the cost, as it is much higher than a shared server.
  • Reseller hosting. This service has a large capacity of space and domains for each account. Generally, those who hire this type of web hosting are companies or users who rent or sell hosting to other users.

We recommend you these 5 web hosting providers


Remember that to choose a hosting service the most important thing is to be clear what you want and what you need because this will help you to save time and money.

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