Use the power of Digital Marketing for your business

digital marketing

Direct marketing is a means used by companies to reach their target audience or directly. This type of marketing does not seek to get more customers, but to get all its information to existing customers, and commitment to maintain a relationship with them through personalized emails or phone calls as main tools.

This type of individualized communications is used to promote products, invitations to forthcoming events and to maintain lasting relationships over time. They are also very positive to see the new needs of your customers, through them you can perform tests and surveys relating to the product or service being offered.

This type of marketing is advertising, just that it is not directed at all, so it is beneficial for companies in the areas of cost, but equally must be made with a clear message, that impacts your customer, with adaptations, production and creativity.

The advantages of Direct Marketing are

  • Fast communication.
  • Saves advertising.
  • Effective response.
  • Long-term partnerships.
  • Security between the consumer and the company.
  • Customer confidence.
  • Avoid distortion of the message with the phone calls.
  • Personalized.
  • Build relationships with clients from different countries.

The Direct Marketing is most beneficial for companies, no more direct way to reach customers through personalized emails and calls. This communication tool has very few disadvantages, as a major consumer complaint is the lack of attention they receive when given before a product or service.