Toptal Visual Design Designers


During the past 6 years, I have been using different sites that help to designers find job opportunities as a freelancer and expose their graphic work style. So far these portals had worked quite well allowing me to gain independence; nevertheless, I’m always searching for something far better.

My main “problem” with these sites is the overexposure of designers looking for the same job and clients that find themselves with a big amount of proposals without the certainty of good results and great quality.

So I started to look around for and I found Toptal a site that calls my attention for one particular question that they present to the freelancers that want to apply “Why 3%?”
The selection system is quite interesting because they say to be able to identify the best engineers and designers in order to get the best results. Also, they have a quite demanding selection process divide it into 5 sections 1) Language & Personality 2) Skill Review 3) Live Screening 4) Test Project and 5) Continued Excellence in which you most maintain a perfect record while working with clients.

I’m eager for experience by first-hand the possibilities that a site as Toptal Visual Design Designers could offer to me and other freelancers willing of new challenges.
I’ll let you know about my impressions during the process!