Medium without Blog, write without complicated


To write without having to give anything, to Medium

Recently a friend told me she did not want a blog so that meant the fact choose an image for your blog or having to keep writing often, but occasionally would like to write more than 140 characters of Twitter … actually if you can manage a blog with little effort if you do not mind being among the first places with many visitors, but it is still as much for some people who just want to write an article once every three months.

The best option I recommend someone with those characteristics is Medium (I told my friend that was not something spiritualist), this system has a very special aesthetic quality, good use of white, centered on the main thing is the reading the article, a good choice of typeface and a nice interface for writing.

If you just want to write and share with your friends that Facebook a sleeker, more professional looking up I think is a good choice Medium form.

You can also share privately, so that only those who sent the link to your article to read.

This web application has the typical functions of social networks, followers and followed-style favorites (recommendations) and share. Accounts with a profile where you can place your description and photo.

You can place images on different options.

This is the first time I write in Medium, but I’ve read several articles companions. I am reviving my blog but I hope to write things out of context Blog.

Now friend, you just have to try and share by any of your social networks or the forgotten but effective Email.