It’s time your website be Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly

It’s time your website be Mobile Friendly. Google’s decision to evaluate websites tailored to mobile searches from these environments has led many companies begun to review their corporate websites to see if they really meet these requirements.

However, the figures give reason to internet giant. Search from mobile was close to 60% of all online traffic in 2014, growing 10% over the previous year. On the other hand, there are more than 1.5 billion mobile owners in the world and 80% of them surf the Internet through their smartphones.

Therefore, it seems almost mandatory that you take seriously adaptation of your website. In fact, if you search on Google from a mobile you will see that in each of the results labeled “mobile” or “mobile-friendly” appears if you are really optimized for this device.

Google itself marks some requirements to consider your website complies with this adaptation:

– Use text that can be read without make it bigger, enough distance between links and buttons to avoid clicking on the wrong site. If you have mobile URL separately, each url should automatically redirect desktop to its corresponding mobile url, though it is much better to use a responsive web.No flash. Adapt and use the web content to the screen of your mobile web. Don’t be slow. It is important to optimize the charging time.

– Options for your website to be mobile-friendly.

If your site is not optimized, you can choose one of these three strategies to achieve this:

1. Responsive Web. The code is unique and will adjust to the screen of the device you are using the user.

2. Adaptive Web. The code is specific to each device and loaded one or the other depending on the device used.

3. Independent Web for mobile. You have two versions of your site, one for desktop and one for mobile.
The mobile web will have a different URL that is loaded if the user accessed from a mobile. App does not require specific mobile browser. You can be mobile friendly with us. Check out our website!