Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Know The Importance

mobile friendly

The web pages are due to its users, it is why the experience has to be as easy as possible to attract more traffic to websites. Google recently updated their search result, and websites optimized for mobile devices will receive preferential treatment. It’s time to be mobile friendly, if you still don’t know why is so important, keep reading to find out.

Responsive Web Design or Web Design Adaptable is a web development technique of adjusting the content of a particular website to the size of the screen of any device.
Recent studies have shed more than 84% of Internet searches are performed from Google, and more than 25% of those searches on Google is carried out from a mobile device. Therefore, become mobile friendly causes companies to stay ahead of the competition, and to gain web traffic must have a functional website. A multi-oriented website and mobile user.
It is not just a matter of win for businesses, users may be more comfortable viewing the products or services they seek, ensuring faster and more efficient purchase. A good user experience increases sales and generates loyalty among users, increasing the use of services.

Why be Mobile Friendly?


The responsive design is a trend design and development of websites that can be displayed to perfection in the (usually small) screens all mobile devices, either mobile phones or tablets. While it is true that the size of the screens of some tablets allows optimal viewing of websites in the traditional way, it is also true that many of them are small. Like smartphones, whose screens and traditional structures prevent proper display of internet websites.
It will no longer be necessary to have a version of each website for each type of device. One page is adapted to everyone from desktop PCs (or small laptop) via tablets, smartphones to reach, for it is important to have a digital agency that offers services UX. In DesignHeaps, you can view our services, ranging from graphic design to web development to be mobile friendly.
The importance of adapting your website to various devices goes beyond. The texts displayed better manage public becomes interested and faster to your products and services. Increase your sales and visits to the web being responsive.