How important the UI Design is? We tell you why

UI design


The UI Design is a trend in web design that aims to create an interaction between people and different digital devices such as computers, software, software applications and websites based on user experience.

The main objective of the design is that the application UI more attractive, modern and dynamic where the user can use them as simply as possible and at the same time, to fulfill the functions they are looking for. Through purely visual aids such as charts, pictograms and animations, UI design ensures that the activities are carried out without affecting the operation of the platforms.

The user seeks to communicate with these applications, so it should be easy to understand and use, it is still important but the design of a striking presentation useless if the user cannot handle it, you must provide both comfort and efficiency. Once work properly, the aim is to improve the user interaction – the device or cell phone web site.

There are several types of user interfaces, the main ones are:

  • Alphanumeric Interfaces. They show only text, so they work through exact commands.
  • GUIs. They are that communicates with the device or computer quickly and easily, plotting control elements.
  • Touch Interfaces. They are those that allow access to a control panel with all the functions via a contact.

Mainly UI theme is simply the user interface design, are responsible for the structures, the keyboard of a computer, the mousse, among others; are all tools the user needs to give utility to the device.

The functions of creating user interface are:

  • Control of equipment functions.
  • Application development tools.
  • Information about operating states.
  • Access control.
  • Communication between other systems.
  • Setting categories.

Many companies have opted for this type of design to make life easier for users to their websites, some of these companies are:

  • Twitter. He implemented the design of the user interface can display summarizes the information you need, just as easily open and close windows.
  • Amazon. It has begun to use to display the products in a more comprehensive and detailed manner.
  • Flipboard. This based news application uses the interface design for displaying information in categories. The user has all the blocks displayed on the screen.
  • Trello. With this tool, you can display various tasks as folders, to help organize information and images.
  • Pinterest. It is the application that has many use the UI design, as a tool where images are handled, can be arranged in different blocks and find the categories according to the images you need.