Did you know how important the UX Design is?

UX design

The UX Design is interface design created to verify the functionality of a product among users. This interface design studies human-computer interaction to facilitate the search for content. The managers for generating these actions are called “Back End” and “Front End”, who are responsible for scheduling and generate cognitive and physical contact between user, software, computer and information networks.

As part of this work, the design is primarily visual, it have to think what is the first thing the user will notice when it enter to the page, what are the strategic objectives and goals the organization have for pages that have been created for?. These aspects should influence psychologically on the user and the type of contents. On the basis of this, developers must create a visual hierarchy that allows the user to find information in order of importance.

The Front End and Back End are terms relate to the beginning and end of a process. The Front End is the design of software, is the part in which users interact, this is responsible for collecting all data from user input, in other words, is the display for the user to navigate. The profile of the Front End is very close to a designer, it translates visual interfaces to work them into codes, among its functions it have to do the semantic structure of content, coding design in style sheets and add the user interaction. This work doesn’t always mean being a web designer but it have to work together to understand user interaction.

The Back End is the site manager with systems already sent by the Front End, often the Back End is hidden from the end user, it’s responsible for managing the information system. The connection between them is an interface type which aims to achieve the best user-product interaction. The work consists of the Back End Access database, a number of languages that receive process and send information to the user’s browser.

Designing a website isn’t just a database, creative designs and information elements. Its creation should provide interaction and information on users; it is important to organize the content, distributed properly and give the opportunity for users to discover everything relevant that your company has to offer.

Through factors such as Digital Marketing and Design UX, it seeks to achieve SEO, to get a position on the web. The optimization is achieved through improvements in content and improves the visibility of the web, which is achieved through referral traffic and use of Social Media. In the internal positioning it seeks:

  • Create quality content.
  • Making the most accessible web page.
  • Improve the user experience.
  • Improve the design.
  • Optimize the URL.
  • Use the correct labeling of the website.

In the external positioning it seeks to do online references, this is achieved:

  • Use Social networks to generate web traffic.
  • Exchange Content.
  • Get other webs link to yours.

UX Design goes far beyond utility, visual design and user expectations. Although we can’t guarantee the expectations of all users, the ideal is to study the behavior of your target and based on this, create a strategy that fits what you’re looking. Good experience will make them happy, they will speak well of your brand and bring money and benefits for your company.