6 eCommerce Trends 2017: a world of possibilities

eCommerce Trends 2017

Dreaming is for free. Today we tell you about 6 eCommerce trends that will make you dream and feel in the next century. Let’s explore.

eCommerce Trends: statistics speak


Statistics point to an increase in Internet purchases, as Pcw points out. In a survey of 23,000 people in 25 countries, the results are:

– 54% of users buy products online weekly or monthly,

– 34% agree that their mobile phone will become their main buying tool,

– 67% say that reading or writing comments on social networks influences their online shopping behavior.

So the first data we find among these eCommerce trends is: online shopping is increasing and stores that are online should look for ways to be more effective, accessible and user-friendly at the time of selling.

While those businesses that only have physical stores should look for ways to have sites online, because there is where their customers are going. Let’s review some trends for this 2017.


6 eCommerce trends coming soon


Doing a review of trends for eCommerce in this beginning year, we find different and varied from the influence of Material design to the use of drones. Take a look at these 6 eCommerce trends and join to the groove of online sales.


ecommerce trends 1With the increase in the use of smartphones and tablets in the world market, Internet purchases through these devices are also increasing. So eCommerce must adapt their sites to the needs of these users who buy through mobile phones, and tablets because it is not the same to buy from your laptop as from your tablet. For example, from a laptop while you make the purchase you can browse other pages, but if you do it from a Smartphone?


Drones ??? :O

ecommerce trends 2Already the online sales giant, Amazon, began testing for shipments with drones. With this, Amazon expects to make deliveries within the United States in a minimum of 30 minutes. He has also released tests for the UK so that he can test how the drones would face the climatic events, and also how the use of drones affects the passage of the birds.


Influence of Material Design

ecommerce trends 3One of the trends that point the way this 2017 is the use of Material design for eCommerce sites. Since Google launched this new concept in 2014, it has set the tone in web design for its simplicity and the use of bold colors when organizing content.


Relevant recommendations

ecommerce trends 4The buyer experience is unique, the trend in this direction points to the eCommerce will make for each buyer a personalized experience based on previous purchases, their likes, their geolocation, age group, and interactions with the brands.

ECommerce will have the power to predict the next purchase of your customer. Now through the technology generated by certain platforms such as AgilOne, Emcien, Windsor Circle, Rich Relevance, promise to be very lucrative for retailers in the B2B sector. This predictive analysis is achieved through the analysis of interactions, and profiles.


Not just drones, there is also Artificial Intelligence

ecommerce trends 5It is said that in 2017 users will have the opportunity to interact with a chatbot, which means that questions and concerns about a product will be answered by real robots. This eCommerce trend makes us feel in a science fiction story.


Direct interaction with brands

ecommerce trends 6Millennials want to interact directly with their favorite brands, while distributors and dealers will try to stay among the public’s favorites through guarantees, where automated processes and CRM systems are used more than ever to maintain relationships and simplify order processing.


Trends for this 2017 are not a closed path, on the contrary, there are many to explore:

– Increased security in eCommerce, to increase the reliability and loyalty of users.

– The use of augmented reality to make shopping a unique experience.

– Some simple ones, like the uses of the hamburger menu in the design of the sites.


Certainly, 2017 is emerging as a year of growth for Internet commerce. Not only because the statistics say, but because we feel it is more comfortable to buy from the comfort of the armchair to move to a physical store. Although there are many who like conventional shopping, we can also buy online, because it allows us to access goods from other latitudes. A super opportunity for any physical or online store .