5 Design Heaps Tips to increase your sales with great promos

You already have the website, the blog, and the content, and the keywords, and the social media, but you’re not selling. So what’s the matter? Today we’ll give 5 Design Heaps tips to increase your sales on the Internet with great and effective promos.



Show what you have: Why promos



Based on our experience we found out that sometimes is not about people don´t interest your products; sometimes is about to place your products in the right place and the right moment. Thus we give you this 5 tips that have worked for us and our clients. You can practice all of them of some of them, but in time you can recognize what tip and strategies are more suitable for your business.



Increase your sales with great promos


  1.  Have a schedule

The first step is to do a calendar with relevant dates for your business. So you can use specials times like St. Patrick´s Day, Mother´s Day, July 4th, New year’s day or Christmas. It depends on what is your business about. But with you schedule the specials dates, you can prepare every promo with some days in advance.


  1.  Monitoring your competition


You can know what your competition is doing with different tools that Internet provides you. For example, TweetDeck is a useful instrument in this case, because you can see what they are twitting and which is going to be their next promos. Sometimes your competition releases a promo with days in advance, so is the right moment to check out their Social Media and establish what to do and what not.


  1.  Manage the right Social Media

I mean you don’t have to have a profile on every Social Media, come on! Depends on your objective public and the line of your business you can use different Social Media. I recommend starting with the basic Twitter and Facebook. So you can programme tweets and posts during all the promotion.

What content can you tweet and post? But products and articles related to the promos. Bonus Track: Get a keyword for every promo you do, and you can find all the content that you need on your website.


  1.  Forbidden words


In a promo that we designed for one of our clients, we confirmed that people don’t click on tweets or posts with words as a deal, save, discount, sale, etc. Therefore it is a critic point if you do research before starting to publish to give people content related to the promo but relevant for your public.


  1.  Place the promos on the right place


In the last promos that we have worked, we have designed a banner for the Home, a banner for the product and an Email Marketing. We have put the banner for the product on internal pages related to the selected product, so this is a good way to avoid the forbidden words and promote other content.


Practice this 5 tips with a promo no so last and tell us how was the experience. With this kind of strategies, you can increase your sales step by step.