10 Tools To Position Your Brand On The Media

Social Media
Social Networks have become the best tool for position the marketing of the companies. It’s important to keep them actives so they can excel on the web and generate positive and profitable reaction on the current and potential clients.

The web is the perfect showcase for companies; it maintains the public a closer contact with any product or brand. Trough social networks, the consumer can position o collapse any product or service. It is the importance to know how to handle the online marketing in your favor.

Here we present the best tools to keep the favorable and cost effective interaction with your clients on the web, it’s for sure that they be the key for potential your brand:

Google Adwords Tool: Free tool to know the keywords for your companies. It allows you to find out the popularity of that words and the competition between them.

Opensite Explorer: links analysis tool of the competition. A real joy.

Google Analytics: Allows you to keep a following of all the received views on your web. Which keywords bring you views and from what pages. An indispensable tool for any web page.

Clicky: An excellent alternative to Google Analytics. If you’re a paranoiac and don’t want that Google know all about your pages, use this service. You can analyze all traffic of your web on an excellent way.

Ahreds: Indispensable to know which web pages are exactly that links you or your competition. If you want to do SEO for your page, this it’s the best tool along to Semrush.

Aweber: The most powerful tool on the online marketing. Allow you create registration forms for your website, and then managed automatically the mailing sends for your registered clients.

Yoast: A plugin of WordPress that help to position your content. This is one of the best tools to improve positioning.

Buffer: A fantastic tool to promote content with scheduled dates on Linkedin, Google +, Twitter and Facebook.

Hootsuite: it’s a very knowing tool for use and manages of the social networks; it’s something more habitual for the different task of a page. For to be able to do this on a way most efficient and simple, the best it’s using the control panel where we can see all the things on just one site, and save a lot of our time. This is the greatest advantage that Hootsuite offers you: manage your social networks in one place.

Google Forms: this tool is really good for surveys. Allows you know your clients on a better way.